This theme comes complete with a number of powerful widgets to make it easier to create the layout you want. Many of the features on this preview site are generated with these widgets.

Custom Widgets

Show Posts

The Show Posts widget is used all over the place even in this preview site, to show lists of posts, with or without thumbnails, with or without post format icons, with or without excerpts, dates etc. You can even specify a layout, to make the widget produce columns of thumbs or posts, like in the sidebar on this page.

Show Pages

Imaging being able to show thumbnails of posts? Well you can with this theme, thanks to the new Show Pages widget built into the theme. All the same options as for the posts widget, but this one is for showing pages.

Show Events

You may have already noticed that one of the great features of Xi is the built in event custom post type. Well we have a widget for putting your events in any widgetized area of the theme.

Show Media Posts

This little widget can be used to show posts with audio attachments. Great for giving people access to your latest podcast or sermon. See the home page of this preview site for an example.

Show Tweets

Everybody tweets these days, so we have a built in Show Tweets widget that you can see in action on this preview site.

There are also shortcodes that let you use some of these powerful tools inside any page or post. See the features overview page for an example of this in action.