We’ll show off the features of this theme by using the amazing show posts/pages shortcode, which lets you do what the widget does but inside the content of a page or post.

So let’s use the show pages shortcode to show features


Responsive & HTML5

This theme uses a Responsive appraoch to design. Not all your users have the same sized screen or the same browser. So this theme will look different on every device and this is by design. It adpats and responds to the size and capabilities of your browser. You can simulate the effect by resizing your read on

BuddyPress Compatible

This theme includes support for BuddyPress. In case you hadn’t heard BuddyPress turns your WordPress site into a full-blown social network. BuddyPress is installed as a WordPress plugin, so isn’t too difficult, but you do need a compatible WordPress theme. This theme has support built-in. Social networking in a box. Build a social network for your read on

Google Fonts

We have integrated the Google Font Api into the theme, allowing you to choose from a selection of fonts available from Google. You can choose a font for heading and for body text – all from the theme options page. read on
Custom Widgets

Custom Widgets

This theme comes complete with a number of powerful widgets to make it easier to create the layout you want. Many of the features on this preview site are generated with these widgets. Show Posts The Show Posts widget is used all over the place even in this preview site, to show lists of posts, read on


This theme comes with a number built in CSS styles that can help with laying out a page, as well for creating buttons, boxes and other cool elements. Many of these are made available through some nifty buttons and style selector dropdown in the WordPress Visual Editor. This is using the full-width page template. So read on


This theme comes with a number of page templates that can be useful for creating great layouts and content. read on
A picture is worth a thousand words

Buttons & Boxes

As well as all the tools to create layout in columns, this theme gives you tools for creating stylish buttons and boxes. Boxes Information Box Media Box Interesting Box Warning Box Help Box Cart Box Plain Box Download Box top ↑ Did you notice that little top link divider. Try clicking top. Buttons Button Button read on

Event Post Type

This theme comes complete with an Events custom post type, with provides a native way to manage events. There is a widget to put your events in any widgetized space in the theme, a shortcode, a page template and even a little button in the visual editor, to quickly insert a calendar. The events post read on
Theme Options

Background & Colors

With the theme options panel you can control many features of this theme. In particular you quickly change accent color (blue here), logos, favicons and fonts. Have it in Blue or ANY Color! Just select your color, any color and the theme will do the rest. Backstretch Background Images This theme also has a cool read on


Of course it is impossible to cover every feature, but try clicking the top link below. Like it? Well, we have included the scroll-to feature which will scroll for any named anchor.