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Responsive Layout

Try it now! resize your browser, and the theme will scale to respond to your browser's size and capabilities.

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Loom Widgetry

All the usual incredible ThemeLoom widgets to populate this fully widgetized home page. Just drag them into place!

The accent color can be ANY color! (blue right now)


No timthumb script anywhere to be seen. WordPress does it all! Aenean felis mi, suscipit ut aliquam at, eleifend accumsan sem. Vestibulum vehicula magna nec risus ultrices in malesuada metus varius. Praesent placerat gravida neque, sit amet dapibus neque porta non. Aenean aliquet nunc at massa tempor quis interdum diam aliquet.


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Other features Include...

  • Background image responsively stretches!
  • Google fonts
  • Great looking buttons and icons.
  • Social media icons in menus

...and all the usual features of our framework themes.