This page uses the blog page template that comes with the themes. As you can see, this theme also supports the new WordPress post formats, with some cool icons. You can have more than one blog page and can set the page template to show only a certain category.

Check out the post format (tumblr-like) blog page showing our post format examples category.

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This post has far too many categories.

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This post has far too many tags.

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This post has many trackbacks.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Cras ligula. Vivamus urna diam, mollis nec, pellentesque et, semper nec, lorem. Nam lobortis, eros a feugiat porttitor, nibh mi imperdiet nulla, eu venenatis diam enim non eros. Duis consectetuer augue a ante. Vivamus adipiscing orci et ipsum. Ut consectetuer lacinia magna. Etiam id orci. Vestibulum pede magna, feugiat et, adipiscing vitae, tincidunt non, mauris. Curabitur auctor diam non nibh. Fusce nec diam. Praesent laoreet blandit turpis. Phasellus et eros. Nulla venenatis nulla ut magna. Nunc porttitor eros sed quam. Morbi id nisi ut sem faucibus tempus. 

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